Mansions of Madness, card holder sheet

A late night tabletop gaming session led to me and a friend creating this helpful card holder sheet for Mansions of Madness.
It has made it easier for us beginners to keep track of everything during the sessions and you can download the A3 format here.

Download in A3



During the spring of 2014, a project group was set up to develop a golf bike to make it possible for golfers to get around the track faster and easier for a more efficient golf time. The project group consisted of 6 people, of which 2 themselves hold epithet golfers. Early in the project the group contacted Örebro City Golf & Country Club and meetings where held with greenkeeper Joakim Kellerman.

These meetings led to what became the problem definition for this project and the results where presented on 27/5 - 2014; A sporty golf bike for use on the golf course designed for function as well as ergonomics.

On this bike, calculations of tire, pipe dimensions and impact on the substrate have been calculated to minimize wear on the golf course to an acceptable level.


Circulus V

During the Winter of 2013, a small group was set up to develop a charging station for electric bikes. The charging station was to be used in urban enviroments.